Monday, September 3, 2007

Twisted Scarf

Twisted Scarf

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

Color 607 (dark purple), 2 skeins (MC)

Color 601 (light purple), 1 skein (CC)

Needles: Size 8 (5 mm) straight or circular

Gauge: 18st/24 rows in 4 inches

Size: approximately 5 inches wide and 45 inches long

To make wider, add more stitches to the seed stitch sections

Making it wider or longer will require extra yarn

CO 9 st with MC, then 12 st with CC, then 9 st with MC (use separate ball)

Begin working chart on row 1 (ws)

Twist yarns at each color change, and on rows 5-9 twist the yarn at the first color change and then strand behind the work for the next two, then twist on the fourth color change and strand on the last two, so that only 3 balls need to be used throughout

Continue until one of the colors runs out or desired length, (end after row 1 of chart)

BO 9 st with MC, 12 st with CC, 9 st with MC

Weave in ends and add fringe if desired


CO….cast on

MC….main color

CC…..contrast color




BO…..bind off

Ws…..wrong side

Rs……right side

Cn……cable needle


k on rs, pl on ws

p on rs, k on ws

S slip stitch

CC 6st RC slip 3 MC st to cn, hold to back, k3 CC stitches, k3 MC st from cn (keep color of yarn not in use stranded in back for all cables)

CC 6st LC slip 3 CC st to cn, hold to front, k3 MC st, k3 CC st fom cn

MC 6st RC slip 3 CC st to cn, hold to back, k3 MC st, k3 CC st from cn

MC 6st LC slip 3 MC st to cn, hold to front, k3 CC st, k3 MC st from cn

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Lizzzzzz said...

Can you post a picture of the pack of the scarf. I would love to know how the strands look on the back near the switched color cables.